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The Cello Retreat 2020: 'Finding the scapula'

Dear Cello Retreaters,

I really missed working with you all this Easter. But I decided to offer you some short(ish) videos of the kind of work we would have done together on the Retreat. Being in Lockdown offers a chance to give ourselves some new motivation and focus in our playing. I'm certainly enjoying the opportunity for some self-care, and this is what I hope to put across in these videos. Not having deadlines to meet constantly is a real treat - so I'm feeling like a student again as I explore some of my favourite warm up processes. I would LOVE and WELCOME any questions and feedback about these - or even some open discussion on a forum here about any aspect of these videos that comes up for you. Sending you all lots of warm wishes and positive thoughts during this lengthened retreat time we are all having. - Dale

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